In 2008, the first branch of the International Police Corporation of Public Security has been registered in the Republic of Armenia.
On 14th April 2010, a mutual cooperation agreement was executed between the IPCPS Armenia and the Police of the Republic Armenia. Particularly the agreement concentrates on the prevention of the activities such as: the terrorism, the trafficking, the cybercrime, the illegitimate turnover of drugs, the corruption, etc.
Besides the Yerevan branch, several other sites were opened in different regions and cities of the republic such as: Yeghegnadzor, Goris, Aparan, Artashat, Sevan and Vanadzor.
On 23rd June 2010, partial cooperation was established with the RA Prosecutor’s General Office.
The RA General Prosecutor Mr. Aghvan Hovsepyan, the RA Chief of Police Mr. Alik Sargsyan, the head of the General Department of Organized Crime of the RA Police Mr. Gagik Avetisyan, and the head of the General Department of the Crime Detection of the RA Police Mr. Ashot Karapetyan were decorated with IPCPS order “In token of high respect”.
On 19th September 2011, the commissary of the International Police Corporation was invited to take part to the state forum dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia, where words of appreciation and gratitude were cited to the corporation.
Plans are developed by the corporation in order to cooperate with the Ministry of the Emergency Situation of RA.

The members of the IPCPS Armenia have a distinguishable experience in the field, and possess strict mentality, discipline, high displayed vigilance, and integrity, high sense of duty and fidelity, as well as honesty towards the execution of their professional duties. The assignments of the “Commissioner” are implicitly executed by the members of the corporation, which are originated from the interests of the corporation aiming to increase the level of the security and the welfare of the society and the state.